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Saturday, April 22, 2017

I ran away from home for BBNaija, Debie-rise cried as father welcomed her home

The BBnaija ex housemate Debie- Rise has narrated how she was welcomed home by her dad after she ran away from home because her dad refused to let her attend the show being a man of God.

She said apart from the fact that her father is a pastor, she felt like she's just a typical girl with strong upbringing and the part of the states which she comes from, the parents seem to be over protective over their children.

I know he wants the best for me by being this protective and me having undying love for my music career could not really stand to see this golden opportunity go Just like that so i thought to my self it would be better i run away just so i could make my dream a reality.

Because I didn't want a situation whereby I would inform him of my intentions to go and then he would say no.

So, I wanted to be smart, go for it and tell him, ‘ daddy I have gone , please pray for me’ like Dare Art Alade sang and I’ m happy I did it.

He actually called the producers of the
event and asked me to come back home. “He said he was not happy at all but then I was able to convince him and beg him .

“Before I returned home , I was a bit scared and I wasn’t sure he would be happy .

“I won't lie , I was just hoping I made him proud in the house and when I finally placed a call to him, he said something like , ‘now you have my time

“And I apologised and asked him if I made him proud and he just said “ I love you my daughter” and that is just what I want you to know, that my parents are proud of me and I’ m looking forward
to going home and paying them a visit .”

Our verdict on the said issue

Sometimes you just have to believe in yourself and take some certain decisions regardless of what the outcome may looks like, if you win then you've made the right choice, if you loose, then you've learnt something new . We're glad her decision ended up well, take a step today and see if mother Nature won't smile at you.

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