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Thursday, April 20, 2017

You all are crazy. What does the word "Molestation" mean to u? Nigeria twitter user blast tboss

One angry Nigerian (name withheld)  has taking to her twitter page over the alleged tboss's sexual assault saga. In her words..

U all are crazy. What does the word
"Molestation" mean to u? what does the word "Rape" mean to u?

A woman claims to be violated yet she
saw the act that was being done to her and instead of her to protest it when she saw it, she only opened her blanket, saw the act, turned and went back to sleep quietly and u people stand there to be talking crap?

Does molestation states that a woman should see it and keep mute and go back to sleep? U people really makes me sick, why can't u all be logical for once and view this issue rightly?

 Molestation my foot, abeg make una no provoke me biko ...

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