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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Angelina Jolie, I'm thinking of getting back together with Brad Pitt, her reason will shock you

On May 3, Brad Pitt who is known to be very private with his personal life said during an interview that he regreted ever smoking and drinking and that alcohol is a thing of the past..

Brad was really heart broken with the whole scenario that he had to lay on the floor in a friend's house.

Angelina on the other hands expressed how happy she was to hear that her husband Brad Pitt has taking a step forward towards a better life.

She's happy that her husband, Brad Pitt has finally decided to leave those unhealthy habits behind which led to their divorce.

Now that Brad’s decided to turn around his life and to be a better father, Angie’s got some shocking things on the brain.

A source told that Angie's trying to stay open about this whole divorce thing and the thought of getting back together with him has crossed her mind the insider said.

Angie's came to this terms after listening to Brad's entire interview and she found it really touching and encouraging.

She said she's really happy and so proud of Her ex husband, Brad Pitt for using his past mistakes to grow into a responsible man and these actually reminds her of the Brad Pitt she fell in love with years ago.

Recall that this is the very first time Brad Pitt has ever came up on an interview like this to open up about thier divorce filed Sept. 19, 2016 being a very secretive person.

Now over to you, do you think Brad and Angie's can ever reconcile or come back together after all that happened?

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