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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Yvonne Okoro, says men don't have the courage to approach her.

Chinyere Yvonne Okoro, of Nigeria and Ghanaian nationality recently found out she has been single for more  than  a year now because men just do not have the braveness to approach her.

In a recent interview on Glam Africa mag in Accra, the 32yr old talked about what she has been going through..

She said the problem is men don’t have balls to come forward to ask me out due to the fact they assume i am already hooked or possibly i am of a high class.

Also, she said she can nevertheless be unmarried due to the fact that the general public think celebrities are spoilt with choices with regards to selecting partners however that is a very wrong belief.

A huge number of celebs today are unmarried due to the fact they may be harassed as to who to accept of their life. you see, you are not positive if the person is
coming in because of your repute and cash or the man or woman wants to be with you due to real love” she added.

“It isn't always about money but if a man isn't brave enough to come forward to approach me then I do not think I need to be with such person.

Besides, who wants to be with a timid man? She queried. contrary to the perception people can also have, she does no longer truely have eyes for excessive society guys. She is ready to date a man who will
understand her and make her glad.

When asked if she has now not stumble upon one of these guy, Yvonne said “No I haven’t but i am hoping to meet such person very soon.

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