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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Fun filled saturday with mc aproko the comedian and my funny experience with TV presenters

It's your one and only mc aproko on the talk show again this Saturday and I'm so so excited to know you all are having great time. This past few days has been hell and i can't leave without telling you guys what happened to me over the week.

Yesterday as I was walking into Ozone building yaba to meet someone after so some television crew blocked my entrance and pleaded for a minute of my time.

For my mind I was like "which kain wahala be this, what if I mess myself up in front of the camera?" You know all this funny TVs like KraksTV that will ask you some funny-weird questions, expecting you to fumble so they can sell their market? You know them right? Na them!

I tried waving them off but was mesmerized by the beauty of the lady holding the mic. Chai! See my village people at work.

I had to oblige and posed in front of the camera waiting for her question, But God have His own way of saving His people as the lady was about asking me the 'difference between so and so'.....

Her mic went off, so in her process of rectifying the problem, I disappeared into the building. Hahahahaha. God punish devil, una wan use me shine..

I really a had a tiring week and I'm itching to know how yours went. You know how we do it. What post caught your eye? What gist happened around you? What blew your mind and what pissed you off? I can’t wait. Spill it out, we are eager to hear from you... Have a nice day ahead....

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