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Saturday, June 24, 2017

I was arrested for attempting rape in advance by Nigeria police - By mc aproko the comedian

It's indeed my pleasure to be your guest on the talk show again this cold saturday (that almost made me got a flu if not for amaka my side chick) and i'm pretty sure you all are having a nice time today?

Honestly, Nigerian police got no chill, they can arrest you for literally anything. Yesterday weather was kinda hot, maybe it's my body system though and i wanted to get a feel of mother nature so i decided to take a few walk round my premises wearing just a singlet and a short

All of a sudden, a police van stopped me, asked me some few questions of which i answered and before i could finished my last sentence, i was asked to hop-in. I wanted to run but on the second note, i didn't do anything wrong so i humbly followed them.

When i got to their station, the DPO, a Yoruba man with protruded belly with several marks that looks like tattoos on his face crossed examine me.

Oga, why are u walking on the road with singlet in this cold weather?

(he didn't even wait for me to answer the question before going to the next)

So you want cold to enter your body so you will go and look for somebody daughter wey you go rape abi?

You are under arrest for attempting rape in advance..Oya enter the guard room..

That was how i was arrested for a crime i know nothing about..  But thank God for my neighbour, Omola who made sure i was out of jail today, only God knows what would have happened if i stay few more days in that good for nothing police station..

Now over to you, where did you spend your weekend? was there any scenario you would like to share with us ? Or did someone broke your heart? Or you just wanna send a shout out? Spill it out as we're very eager to hear from you..

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