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Monday, June 26, 2017

Morning motivation - Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, his own company but drew motivation from his setback, every time you fail, just remember this story

1) Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, his own company He was pushed away, from his dreams and destiny Anyone else would have gone into depression But from the setback, Jobs drew motivation.

He started a new venture, eventually clawing his way back To lead Apple yet again, bringing it back on track Every time you fail, every time you are rejected Just remember this story, how he bounced back and succeeded

2) Early mornings are Beautiful and fun
Innocent and fresh Their beauty is matched by none Soak in the beautiful hues Of the warm sunshine Absorb the peace and calm It’ll give you less reasons to whine Watch the mist and dew On the grass blades Live life to the fullest Before its beauty fades. Good morning and do have a nice day.

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