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Saturday, June 17, 2017

My experience at an all night vigil held in my church with mc aproko the comedian

It's indeed my pleasure to be your guest on the talk show again this cold saturday and i'm pretty sure you all are having a nice time today.

This past few days was hell on earth having to go through lectures and having to keep my blog running in the midst of this hard times befalling our beloved country.

It would be so wrong in my part if i fail to recognize the fact that it's been God all the way and he alone deserves all the praise.

Yesterday, was really a night to remember as i slept my way through an all night vigil held by my church.

Honestly, I Like Sleeping alot and find it difficult to go to All nights but my mumsi wont allow me to sleep.

"Its friday evening, wake up and go to church" thats my mom for you. So i came up with a way to go to church and sleep there.

I make sure i sit in front of the pastor (firstSeat). Then as he was preaching, I intentionally shouted "JESUS.... Hmmmm!!

JESUS.. Oooh Jesus" and roll on the floor asif i have been possessed by evil spirit. Then the pastor was like "leave him, let him lie there
His being delivered by the Holy Spirit" .
Hahahaha this guy didn't know that i was busy sleeping...

I woke up after church. Bro/sis, if you try this at your church and your pastor whipe your ass with the holy stick dont come and blame me pls..

Now over to you, where did you spend your weekend? was there any scenario you would like to share with us ? Or did someone broke your heart? Or you just wanna send a shout out? Spill it out as we're very eager to hear from you..

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