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Saturday, June 10, 2017

My experience at the night club with mc aproko the comedian

I'm really so excited to be your guest on the talk show again this Saturday and i can tell you all are having an amazing day..

This past few days was really hectic so i thought i should opt-in for some fun of which i did.

Yesterday, was really a night to remember as i was made a fool at the club with an old G. OK this is how it all started.

I went there with the intention of calming my nerves with some good vibes like Fall by davido, yawa by tekno and the likes.

When i got there, i quitely made an arrangement for few drink (yes few drinks cos i lost count) and i was already seated with a bottle of my favorite Vodka, Black bullet (I can kill for this drink i swear)

As i took a sip from my drink, there's this girl my eyes where all over but i wasn't in the mood for little talks, (common, I'm here to relax not to talk, i murmured)

All of sudden, my gazed changes its direction to one tight little corner (a special sit set aside for big names) and guess who was there popping Ciroc like no man's business ? My old G Carter.

Without wasting much time, i quickly signered him and he ask me to come join him (you know that feeling when your crush ask you to close the door when you're in the mood to hmmmm)

Before he knew it, I was already there and more bottles started tropping in. i reached for a glass, poured some reasonable amount of Ciroc in my glass and as i was about taking a quick sip, he gently touched my hand and said My guy, don't rush this drink ooh, the alcohol percentage is way to high, take it little by little

I quickly nodded to the jargon he was saying, as a sip went through my mouth, i felt like spilling the whole thing out, i looked at him with anger but on a more coded way as a warri guy would call it and i humbly laid my question

Carter, what's this? This drinks taste more like ordinarily water, he looked at me and said, my guy i told you before now that the alcohol percentage is way to high so we had to dilute it with water

It was that moment i knew most of all this so called big boys popping drinks in clubs are merely pouring water not drinks, sha some people are so desperate for cheap attention, i was really happy, thinking today i would as a matter of fact had a sip of what Ciroc actually taste like, anyway I've learnt my lesson the hard way.

Now over to you, where did you spend your weekend? was there any scenario you would like to share with us ? Or did someone broke your heart? Or you just wanna send a shout out? Spill it out as we're very eager to hear from you..

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