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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Funny slangs and their meaning - A moment of laugh with mc Aproko the comedian

It's Saturday morning again with your very own boy, mc aproko the comedian on the talk show and this time where heading south south.

I presume by now you all are having a great time together with your love ones, your boyfriend or girlfriend ? Well in case you're still single, don't worry, the Lord is your strength

I believe one or two persons here might have been to warri probably to visit a friend or just to spend some time together with the beautiful city popularly known for its unique use of the pidgin english.

Warri is a city in Delta State, Nigeria . It is an oil hub in Southern Nigeria and houses an annex of the Delta State Government House. below are some slangs used in warri.

Who You help ?

This slangs is used by wafarian to tell someone indirectly that he/She ain't relevant, For example if I ask Waje to show me some respect, he might just say "Ayo who you help Self" meaning "Ayo you are Not Relevant".


This word have two meaning, It is used to refer to someone who is Possessed with Evil spirit, I can make a statement like 'wunmi you be Orpkorpise o" , Someone from Lagos won't understand what am saying, He might just laugh. it can also be used to refer to someone
who is a Novice


This statement is used to refer to those who love Prayer so much, If a pastor love praying.. Warri boy will say something like " Pastor you too like Cabashing

You Don Baff ?

Lolz.. this one I hate it so much, Its used to fool someone .. Still don't know the meaning of this one,

I They H/Alarm Alarm

If someone is hungry that when they use this slangs. Freemanan I they H 0 it means Freemanan am Hungry


Lashing is usually used in place of Sex/F**k.. Since those words are too raw warri boy might just say, "Oboy I lash Preye Yesterday O", The other Guy might say "Oboy leh nor be small whipping b/w me and Onome o" If ladies are discussing They don't use F**k they use Lash e.g "babes Ayo was Hot, The guy lash me so tey I ... "..


slang for 20 naira note , This Is mostly used be conductors and taxi drivers " Oboy you get Soja there ? " Meaning "Do you have 20 Naira


slang for 50 naira note..

Make your head dey your neck o

This slang is mostly used to warn a person to use their sense, It is also used for advice, "Ochuko leave that Babe oo, Make your head they your neck o"

Now over to you, what slangs have you heard of or Probably came across? Spill it out because it's Saturday and everything goes.

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