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Monday, August 21, 2017

Excited Nigerian mum shares her motherhood experienced over Funke Akindele's pregnant news

The excited mother who couldn't help but express how happy she was over Funke Akindele's pregnant news shared her motherhood experience of how she constantly had series of miscarriages before God finally intervene..

Here's what she wrote below...

Gosh! I got emotional reading the news of funke akindele's pregnancy because it brings back memories. I remember when I FINALLY got pregnant after multiple miscarriages. Due to my physique, the bump bluntly refused to show and that annoyed the hell out of me.

I kept pushing my tum so it protruded out in the most animated way but I was way too elated to care! I just wanted the world to know that my little angel finally decided to stay. God bless the King of my heart, he has always been my "enabler".

He played along and kept commenting on how "big" and beautiful my tum was getting by the day, even when I got distracted by other stuff and forgot to push my tum out. Lol!

It was crazy! The size of my tummy kept fluctuating, depending on my mood and state of mind. It tended to get bigger when I was less busy and not distracted but when I was too busy to remember to push it out...

I'm sure friends and family kept wondering what gives? but they were too civilised to ask. Then I woke up one morning and BOOM! Full baby bump in all it's glory! My little angel decided it was time to "let mummy show"! You know the weirdest part? I was now trying to suck my tummy in! LMAO!

Seeing that I was no longer in control of the size was terrifying! It was a hard pill to swallow! Now the bump I was so desperate to "display" became a project I was now trying to conceal!

Hubby and I still have a good laugh whenever we reminisce about the days of the baby bump. Not all the memories are happy, though, more like bittersweet memories, because the emotional acrobatics of ttc and stay pregnant were traumatic, mentally and physically draining.

Those were my darkest days. The pregnancies for both my angels were medically assisted, you see and the side effects from the medication were hellish but when I held my diamonds in my arms for the first time, the agony paled in comparison to the exhilaration I was enveloped in! Seeing tears streaming down my Heartbeat's face was PRICELESS!

I'm super excited about this news and I'm happy for her. Motherhood is better experienced than described. It is my earnest prayer that all who want to have kids, be granted them according to their desires, in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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