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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday inspirational story - I failed 999 times but succeeded the 1000th attempt - Thomas Edison

Thomas addition's success story is one of the stories that can motivate anyone after experiencing failure. Thomas failed about 999 times to invent the lamp before he succeed in doing it on the 1000th attempt.

When people asked him how did you manage to keep going even though you were failing all the time he replied telling them, each time it didn't work i used to say i discovered a new way how to not invent the lamp.

Thomas Edison success story should make you conclude that failure should never stop you even if it occurred more than once.

Life lessons learned from this inspirational success stories??

Certainly this success stories are not told for the sake of entertainment but they are told in order to inspire, motivate and encourage people to succeed in work, business or life.

The most precious lessons you should come up with from these inspirational success stories are:

1. Rejection should never stop you
2. Failure is not a problem at all
3. People who reject you know nothing
4. Believing in yourself is the key to success in life..

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