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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Couple Poses For Wedding Photo, But The Jealous Best Man On The Right Steals The Spotlight

There really has to be a lot of preparation when it comes to handling a wedding ceremony like choosing the right bride, your right hand man, who will do the cooking especially for those foodie whose major goal of attending the wedding is to get an extra plate of food back home but it's all fun.

But in the case of these two best buddy, Mitch seems not too cool with the ideal of letting her friend slip right through his finger for a seconds so he decided to act in such a way that shows he's not happy with the whole of the marriage thing.

When Brittney and Kody took a wedding photo together, they included their best man, Mitch.

Mitch has been friends with Brittney for seven years but Mitch decided to act in such a way to spice up the photo shoots.

Keep scrolling to see Mitch reactions when Brittney wore a shoe that spells i follows by the man's shoe, Do

And his expression when she says she won...

This to us is one way you could possibly apply to spice up your next wedding, don't you think so? 

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