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Friday, September 1, 2017

I'm about settling down with a stingy guy but i don't know if he's going to change - lady shares her ordeal

Am a 28yrs old lady in a relationship with a 32yrs old guy. We have been dating for abt six months now and after all observations I realised that my guy has Quick ejaculation problems, but I have decided to cope with it becos I love him and I really wish to settle down.

But my concern now seems the guy is also stingy. I am self employed and I make close to 100k from my business every month, He is a civil servant who also earns close to 100k every month. Whenever his family ask him for money he will send thousands to them, yet He finds it difficult to even feed me whenever I visit him.

Is so bad that the guy even counts food stuffs right in front of me and budgeting how longs its supposed to last him, including common noodles and eggs. He has never fed me for once. I go out to buy food items whenever am hungry in his house becos he has counted his food items before going out.

At times when we are going somewhere or his house together and I need to fuel my car, he will just feel unconcerned....  Not even 1k to assist me and if I go to his place via public transport he won't give me t-fare, if I complain he will give me #200 (Two hundred Naira) which is d exact amount that will take me back home.

Am really getting tired of his attitude and am thinking of calling off the marriage plans becos am scared he might not take up responsibilities if I eventually settle down with him or I don't know whether he will change if I marry him. Pls am confused.... Help a sister pls AND I REALLY WISH TO SETTLE DOWN.

What's your thoughts on this?

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