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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Meet Nong Youhu, he can see in the dark as clearly as cats

The miraculous Chinese child with super blue eyes; he can see in the dark as clearly as cats; and this miraculous child is characterized by the glow of his eyes in the dark and his miraculous ability to see clearly during the night because of the glow of his blue eyes at night like cats

After the birth of the child surprised his father because of the color of blue eyes, especially that there is no member of the family either near or far has the same color of the child’s eye, and the child can also read and write accurately in the dark and in the absence of any light is not visible in the dark As the people see in the day completely without any hardship or suffering.

Among the tests undergone by the child is the extraordinary attempt to catch some insects without any light in the place and indeed, and can easily do this in addition to the child was asked to identify papers Playing in the dark was also very easy

The child has been diagnosed with a rare condition called leukodermia. In this case, the eyes have a lower amount of pigment and can see more at night and clearly they are not very sensitive to sunlight

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