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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

3 Chinese men caught for manslaughter in Gabon

According to a blog reader who sent this info to our mail, she said the aforementioned act happened in Gabon.

Here's what she sent to us..

This incident happened in *GABON* REPUBLIC. Pls let us be careful with those Chinese people that are incharge of the road construction. Black men that are helping them in the bridge construction they are always missing and also the passers by.

The police investigation made us know that the Chinese people are the ones eating them.

DEAR ALL BE ON THE WATCH OUT there are a bunch of Chinese who are on the loose from CHINA feeding on human flesh.... They approach you with promises of giving you a Job,  scholarship,  and even lucrative ways of making money and becoming rich.....

Once you fall into their trap. They will take you to a securely secluded place,  slaughter you and transport your flesh to China  since in CHINA there are specific hotels that offers human flesh as a delicacy...

The human flesh is expensive and is therefore a lucrative business in China..... These three Chinese were trucked down by the secret flying squad and were caught in the act of slaughtering a human being in the TURKANA desert.

More evidence were found when they were caught with a number of human heads of the people they have slaughtered. It is sad, painful and INHUMAN

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