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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Don't let the world tell you how to live your life on social media - Cassper Nyovest pours his heart out

South Africa all-time hit maker, Cassper Nyovest who might have gone through alot of critics in the past has this to say about those persons who goes about telling people how to live their lives on social media.

Below is what he shared below...

He wrote:

Stop allowing the world to tell you how to live your life. Stop validating yourself through compliments'.

My bestfriend says he wants 2 go buy new clothes cause sum1 asked him if he ever changes clothes. I said, at the age of 29? You still care? Guys, stop allowing the world to tell you how to live your life. Stop validating yourself through compliments.

IT'S YOUR LIFE!! GOD SAID SO! Growing up I struggled with my confidence cause my parents couldn't afford my taste and I used to have rich friends who had everything.

Not having rich parents was a blessing in disguise cos not only did it make me independent but my self-confidence wasn't build on material.

I'm making this thread cause even a person who is as successful as me gets those "is that your only shoe" comments & I'm like Wanyela? #Wanyela to be telling people how many times they can wear thier clothes and if you expect them to live their lives according to your rules!

#Wanyela if you gonna be ouchea pressurizing ppl like wena your life is perfect & you don't have financial challenges like the rest of us.

We all ouchea tryna figure dis life ting out so #Wanyela if you think I'm gonna allow u 2 put more pressure on me when I have my own stress. Re sokola rotle!! We are all struggling , some more than others but we all ouchea trying.

The only pressure I will allow is the one that comes from within. I will live my life!!! with my pace!!! Whether Its slow or fast!! My rules!!! If you have been allowing people to dictate how you live, It stops today!!! From 2day, You dictate!!! You are the boss!!! Ska ba hemisa!!!

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