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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Inspirational story of how a young man's business got transformed for better in 10 years

A Facebook client, Emmanuel Kings , has shared a photo of how a young fellow developed his clothing business.

He shared three pictures that indicated how he moved from one stage of his business into another. gather that the young fellow began his clothing business in 2005 hawking around, developed to having a retail store in 2009 and by 2015 runs a boutique.

The process of his development took precisely ten years. Emmanuel uploaded the pictures to encourage young business men to be patient and be willing to start small.

In his words;

"This is how God blesses and prospers the works of ones hands unfortunately young people of these days don't know that great things takes time to be built and archived they ignore the law of process and little beginnings...

Don't let pressure push you, let go of any woman who won't start small with you and help you build till you grow."

This was when he started hawking in 2005

This was when he rented a retail store in 2009

And when he finally owns a boutique in 2015

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