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Sunday, October 15, 2017

With everything that went down on that night, should Davido be blamed for Tagbo's death?

There's this huge allegations going around that davido actually killed Tagbo. A claim we are yet to confirm but so many believes he's innocent.

Recall how the popstar later narrated his own part of the story to the commissioner of police in Lagos but so many persons are still standing by what the masses are saying about him having a hand in Tagbo's death.

Let's put it this way. It was a night of celebration and Tagbo was the man in question. A challenge was then put up by Davido that whosoever wins goes home with an iPhone 8 and N200,000.

Tagbo being the man of the day decided to take hold of this challenge been put up by davido. Took more than his body can handle (took 40 shots of tequila or so) and before the very eyes of those presents, he started acting up.

Davido seeing all that was happening decided to stop him from taking more. He even requested dropping him off but he bluntly refused (reason which is not farfetched, the alcohol is talking of cause)

And the inevitable happened and now everyone is of the opinion he killed his friend, Tagbo.

Let's take another flip at the story. Davido can only be held responsible because he started the challenge but come to think of it, Tagbo is old enough to know his limits (he isn't a kid for crying out loud, he's 35) he wasn't force in the first place to partake and there wasn't any gun pointing out his head.

He should have opted out of the challenge the moment he knew he couldn't afford to take more.

Well there are many scenario that can actually go wrong when hanging out with a celebrity. If Tagbo had drove davido's car and died from drunk driving people would definately still point fingers at him.

Having said this, i stand to be corrected that Tagbo killed himself. He's responsible for his life and he killed himself out of stupidity.

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