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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Die-hard fan of Davido recreates most of his photos on social media

We've heard alot already about the extent some fans can prove their undying love for their favorite celeb but this very one is an exception as a fanatic of Davido as a way to show how much respect he has for the pop star recreates almost all his photos on social media.

Well let’s go through them and see whether or not, he’s such a good fan!

This is when he's trying to keep it simple and smart

Now it's all about the hoodie

Both of them are proud ambassador but not on the same lane. Lol

That look you make when you're bored asf in bed

Look at them wearing that wtf look

And now over to the retro style

And lastly, the side look while in bed

Now over to you, Having gone through all of the photos, why rocked it better? 

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