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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Hushpuppi Reacts To Allegations By His Babymama's Allegation That He Deserted His Child

Gucci lord, Hushpuppi isn't having a good time lately. The big boy has had a considerable measure of backfire from different individuals for days now.

Its like the battle between Hushpuppi, his affirmed baby mama and his one time best friend, Mompha has taken another turn.

After Mompha uncovered Hushpuppi had a 4-year-old child whom he abandoned, the lady who bore that child , a woman who goes by the name @Shobabybeauty on Instagram, proceeded to uncover insights about her association with Hushpuppi.

She said she as of late had a discussion with Hushpuppi were he named her no body and that she is dead set on making sure he regrets his statement. She added that her present spouse isn't preventing Hushpuppi from having an association with his child however it sickens her to see him spending such a great amount on designers Wears

She said;

Hushpuppi you called me a nobody yesterday on the phone for speaking the truth. You will regret that statement. As for @mompha you didnt need to send our private conversation and involve us in your beef. I saw you as his friend, who i thought you could talk sense to him to be a Dad to his son.

If I wanted social media to know @hushpuppi does not provide for his son, I would have put it up years ago. You could have at least hidden my snap ID and not have put our son picture up. To all the single mothers with a deadbeat dad there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Just as God blessed me with a wonderful husband he can do the same for you.

Now, Hushpuppi has debunked all claims of him not providing for his son, has he shared recepits and proofs that he has always been sending money for upkeep and been in close contact with his son.

Follow his snapchat posts below;

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