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Saturday, November 25, 2017

Nigeria lady with a heart of gold celebrates housemaid's birthday in style

A Nigerian lady with a heart of gold has taken the internet by storm after she shares photo shoot of how she celebrated her housemaid's birthday in style.

See reactions from concerned citizens below; 

Daphne Legemah : God bless this lady, you shall always have joy in your home and people will treat your children well too..not some that will turn their maids to slaves, what a kind-hearted person.

Chidera Divine Onyekachi : My house maid will be my bestie, not like one wicked woman, I onced lived with, she will always accuse me, that am smelling, will say am a witch that each time I come to her shop she gets bad luck, at a time I had a problem with one boy in there yard, this woman gave me the highest accusations, that am chasing the guy to be my lover, kai, I cried, small girl then, yet this woman claims to be a born again,I always kept mute in all cos of the situation then, she and mum agreed to train me up to university, but unfortunately the woman only trained me in ss1 ,i came into her house after finishing jss3, someone that was supposed to help me, she left me,but all thanks to God am a graduate now, never loose hope,the highest people I can’t support someone giving there child as a maid is this so called born agains, well keep it up ma, only God will reward you..

Martha Oghize : Tend to treat ur housemaid nicely so when u are not around ur kids will not suffer in their hands because of the way u treat them (Badly).

Treat them well and expect love and care for ur kids with or without ur been around them.

God bless this woman and pls don’t change ur ways towards this girl.

Kelvin Enuoyibo : If 90% of African ladies could treat their housemaid like human beings and not slaves. There will be less hatred in from housemaids. What causes problems in this world is lack of love. Love is all we need to make this world a better place to live in.

See more photos below.

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