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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Hushpuppi Pounced On An Over-Sabi Fan Who Chose Wizkid Over Him

It was indeed a fortuitous event when Wizkid and Hushpuppi wore a similar design of sweat shirt made by prominent label, Gucci which had the engraving 'Blind For Love' engraved on it.

However a devotee otherwise known as a die-hard fan of the Two prevalent superstars chose to favor one side and he was solely on Wizkid's side and afterward remarked on Hushpuppi's photo that Wizkid wore the yellow sweat shirt better.

Hushpuppi wouldn't have any of that and ejected severely at the fan, calling him names. He even went similarly as calling the fan a bastard. That isn't viewed as cool at any rate though but he sure deserves it for not minding his damn business.

Hushpuppi wrote:

“Who ask your papa? U wan carry oriburuku enter new year abi? Omo ale jati jati”

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