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Sunday, January 28, 2018

If your salary is N65,000 Monthly Give Your Better half N50,000 – Nigerian Man Says

When it comes to spending or giving out money especially to your wife or a supposed wife-to-be, everyone can't be the same as some tend to give more if not all they earn to their heartrub.

Dipo Awojide, a Nigerian twitter client who passes by the name @Ogbenidipo on twitter has taking to the platform to send an expression of guidance to men to spend a bigger piece of their pay on their girl friends. He for example specified that if a man earns N65,000 month to month as salary, N50,000 ought to go to his sweetheart.

Also, he talked particularly on women having their National Youth Service Corp (NYSC). He said they ought to be given needs by their beaus as they experience a considerable measure of pressure at the NYSC orientation camps.

He contended that Folks should give out nothing less than N50,000 to their girlfriends who are in NYSC camp, "to secure their venture". He even went further to express that folks who gain less aren't exempted, as even the individuals who earn about N65,000 every month, should in any case have the capacity to give out N50,000 to her, while he deals with the rest.

Dipo Awojide has this to state; 

"Your gf is in NYSC camp and you can't send her 50k out of 2/3 weeks? Do you know the enticement in NYSC camp?

In the event that you can't visit her, in any event send little cash. Secure your venture Uncle. In the event that you can't send little cash to your gf in NYSC camp at that point free her. Permit Uncle Femi, Brother Dapo, Uncle Wole or Uncle Dayo do their thing."

"Lords, deal with your ladies. Take care of them inwardly, fiscally and fulfill their sexual needs. This one isn't a joke."

He was then asked by a twitter client if the beau just landed a position at a call focus what he procures is simply N65,0000

He reacted in this way; 

"In the event that your salary is N65,000 there is nothing wrong in giving your darling who is going to NYSC N50k out of that N65k. You are a man. Deal with the rest."

Well as a Nigerian man , would you give your better half N50,000 out of your salary, irrespctive of how much you earn ?

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