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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Man dumps his wife after he discovers that his wife’s pregnancy belongs to her ex-boyfriend

There's currently a silent war from one heartbroken Nigerian man identified as Abogoh Lucky who recently uncovered the misery surrounding his wife pregnancy.

According to him, his wife of 1 month is carrying the child of her ex-boyfriend.

All of this came to limelight after he discovers that despite being married legally to her, his wife still maintains a level of communication with her ex-boyfriend.

According to Abogoh Luckyo, even the parents of the woman are aware of the fact that she was pregnant for another man and they still allowed them to go ahead with the wedding.

He wrote;

“I can’t believe that this is happening to me. This world is really a wicked place! Her parents knew that their Daughter’s Boyfriend had gotten her pregnant yet they hid the information from me and duped hard me and my hard earned money into getting married to their daughter, only to start persuading me to undergo some goat-killing rituals so that all will be normal. Evil in this world is too much. Thank God I refused to do such Devil’s sacrifices”

The heartbroken man had earlier shared a thank you note in December, thanking his family, bride’s family, friends and colleagues for gracing his wedding.

The man also shared a screenshot of his wife’s chat with the ex-boyfriend. She had told the man that she was pregnant for him but she would take the pregnancy to another man. And it seemed Abogoh Luckyo was the unlucky fellow here.

It was even obvious in her chat with the boyfriend that the man was aware of the pregnancy and not cool with the fact that she was going to pin the pregnancy on another man. But the woman insisted she had to marry Lucky.

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