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Friday, January 19, 2018

Things Sex Doll Can't Do But A Real Girlfriend Can

Since the invention of sex dolls, there have been alot of controversy lately especially on twitter with many airing their opinions.

What baffles my imagination is that some set of individuals probably from the school of brokenness seems excited over this new development even when it's crystal clear they obviously can't afford the said sex doll selling for a whooping sum of N800,000.

With that being said, we at are of the school of thought that the dolls can never take the place of a “real girlfriend.” and below are some of our reasons.

1.  Will the doll give you a kiss when you’re leaving home for office?

2. Will the doll call you to check up on you during office hours?

3. Will the doll give you a welcome back kiss?

4. If you’re disturbed, will the doll advice you?

5. When you're back from work, can the doll cook for you? The list continues like that… wise up and be a true man not a ‘doll’ man”

Well if the doll can literally do one or two of the aforementioned post then it wouldn't be a bad ideal for it to be a used as a permanent replacement for a girlfriend.


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    1. Thank you so very much for this great piece. We would appreciate it if you could please write and share this article of yours with our dear esteemed readers.


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