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Monday, April 16, 2018

Rapper Azaelia just got raped, shares disturbing details, says she caused it

Reports reaching us from multiple sources is that controversial America rapper, Azealia Banks just got raped, shares disturbing details, says she caused it.

The controversial rapper, Azealia Banks took to her Instagram page to recount and reveals shocking details about the recent sexual assault that happened last night.

According to her, a man raped her but she admitted took have caused the assault to happen.

Azealia Banks said she was “lowkey” raped by the man whom she hung out with on Friday, and she blamed herself for the unfortunate experience. “I feel like dirt,” she wrote, adding that that the unnamed man drugged her drink, and it was only after she woke up that she found out what really happened.

“One thing led to another…I just feel really dumb because it was partially my fault, you know? […] I just feel like a dumbass, such a dummy. I just want to fuckin’ disappear right now. I feel really bad,” she said in the now-deleted posts.

“I can’t even look at music right now. I don’t want to let anyone down,” she said. “[…] I’m gonna delete all my accounts, because I’m embarrassed.

I’m gonna delete everything, and I guess I’ll just come back when I get it together. I just feel really broken down—just when I’m rebuilding myself as an artist. I don’t know how to face y’all.”

She continued

“This rape shit, you know. Men can just prey on you and just fucking badger you and force you to say ‘yes’ […] You feel like you gave consent, but you didn’t give shit. 

You never wanted to do shit, but there you are, feeling fucking powerless. Somebody really got the fucking best of me, and I’m just so unsure how they got it.”

Fans have been showing support for Banks via Twitter. Below are just few of them. 

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