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Friday, June 29, 2018


1. So Jonah wakes up in the morning,Leaves Home,  Tell his love ones that He is leaving for work and never returns home. They are still trying to find his body to least Bury him as He has been burnt beyond recognition.

2. Mr. Peters closes work rushes down to pick his kids from school, His wife calls him all day till this morning he is not reachable.. Father and his 3kids burnt beyond recognition..The wife is now a widow and has no child in the twinkle of an eye. Just like that 😢😢

3. Timi buys a car,  His friends come to celebrate with him that God has helped their friend get a car despite how challenging it is to make in this Country and then He is on his way to see His fiancee and suddenly he gets burnt beyond recognition in his new car he termed a Blessing. His fiancee drowns in Tears,  Would it have been her fault?

4. A young school leaver-Johnson is posted to Lagos to serve his country.. He had just spoken to his parents after the close of work, He works with a multinational corporation and Hopes to get retained after Youth service.. He hoped to be a bigger oil magnate than Otedola.. He even tell his friends to call him "Otedola with the money". You see That dream, That young promising visionary went up in flames on the Otedola Bridge.. That is the close of his chapter.

5. Mama Tope sell Gbegiri and Amala just to see her children through school since Papa Tope died 10 years ago.. Tope had just gotten admission into the University preparing for his second semester Exams.. His 15 year old younger sister calls Tope while in Class this morning that mummy has not come home since yesterday and her number isn't going through. Mama Tope got burnt in that inferno, How will Tope now an orphan finish school, get a job and take care of his siblings?

6. Hon. Mark Bola who had just been made a commissioner in his state, Has in Lagos for an official assignment. He had an escort van in front of Him and another one behind him,  12 police officers for his personal security. It was a dream come true, All his political loyalty had paid off but dream was cut short as the inferno went hay wire just like wild fire.. It licked up his blood and Burnt his bones to ashes...

7. Emeka, After finally getting his VISA to Turkey to become one of the sole importers of Tommy Hilfiger shirts directly from Their factory there in Turkey into Nigeria. He had been in The Fashion business for 15 years now,  This was his first Big break and  dream come true. His flight by Lufthansa was for 9pm, He wanted to get to the Airport early so as to best the crazy Lagos Traffic. He toggled on his location and requested for an Uber cab. On the Otedola Bridge, All He heard was a loud sound "BOOOOOOOM" and that was it. He missed that flight because Corpses do not fly.

On the Otedola bridge, Whether rich or poor..

High and Mighty...

Cursed and Blessed...

From Citizens to Political Leaders..

Whether Peasants or Kings..

The inferno knew nobody.. Dreams were wiped away in the Twinkle of an eye..

This could have been averted If we followed best Global Practices but The Government doesn't care so long as REVENUES generated in the day are above Human lives and Dreams are made.

The Port Harcourt seaport and other seaports do not work, So you have just one seaport discharging all the petroleum imports for over 180 million Nigerians..

No one thinks about the risk factors.. Every other part of this country is crippled for Lagos to Rise,  It doesn't matter If the seaport is over congested...


There is blood shed in this country every single day, Things that can easily be averted but the Government feels so Negligent that They would rather pay the Press to under report the number of casualties just to curry political favour from them continually...

On this side of the world,  Life means ABSOLUTELY nothing

Nigeria is originally designed to Kill you and If you can survive it,  Get ready to be Frustrated but God has been faithful, His mercies are new every morning so many of us are exempted but If you have a chance to leave this country..


FORGET PATROTISM, patriotic people are only remembered and valued in this country after they die.. You can ask Abiola when you see him

Dust to Dust
Burnt to Ashes
On Otedola Bridge..

Pray for Lagos.. This is Nigeria

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