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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Outrage As Men Sexualize A -5-year-old Girl Wearing Bum Shorts On TV Talk Show

Outrage has been sparked after 2 men talking about rape, sexual harassment, 'sexualized' 5, 7 year old girls during TV Talk Show.

One of the speakers said a girl of 5, 7 years would wear bum shorts to the mall and would be walking around and the parents would be happy to say those are my kids... That sometimes, 7 year old girls wear revealing outfits which could lead to sexual harassment, rape...

The lady in their midst shut the young man up for trying to sexualize kids. She said those are kids, no matter what they wear, even if they are Unclad, that men are not supposed to be sexually attracted to kids of 5, 7 etc.

The other young man also supported the first man that spoke.

This has sparked serious outrage online. Many guys and ladies are angry with the 2 guys.

Twitter user, @Loud_Mout screamed!

"WAIT! did I just watch these 'Educated looking men' sexualize a female child of 5-years old wearing bum-shorts??

Who bred the men of this generation??

My God!"

Nonso Udechukwu @notjustNonso said:

"That predator in black actually said how is a child not a sexual being. These guys need to be listed as possible sex offenders and watched. This is appalling.

Good dressing is good for everyone no doubt but a person who sexualizes a child Unclad or not needs serious help."

Tunde Bella @MCTundeBella:

"I am shocked that in 2018 young men are talking this way."

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